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Forester Solutions’ Walker Public Access and Help Phones are the ideal tip/ring telephone handsets designed for elevators, building entries, and lobbies. Durable, long-life construction with high-tech electronics allow for superior speech reproduction. Forester Solutions will customize configurations to meet your needs: help, answer only, elevator, etc. Walker Help Phones can be ordered in standard, armored, and amplified versions, among others. NoiseCensor® transmitters are optional, and there are a variety of hanger options, from metal to “ABS” plastic.

Walker Help Phones are designed to perform the same functions as a standard telephone with the dialing capabilities. Waker Help Phones can be configured in a number of different ways: Unamplified, Push-to-Talk, and Amplified. All Help Phone models use a one piece handle for durability, have hearing aid compatible receivers for clarity, and use an electret microphone for superior speech reproduction. Forester Solutions’ amplified Walker W6T Help Phone gives the user the ability to adjust the incoming receive signal with up to 28 dB of gain. Using the TOUCH-SWITCH volume control, which resets when returned to the cradle, makes the W6T ADA compliant. Walker Help Phones can be equipped with coiled or armored cords. NoiseCensor®
transmitters can be installed as well. Several cradle options are available with or without hookswitch.

Forester Solutions also offers a new magnetic hookswitch option. It eliminates the mechanical hookswitch and increases vandal resistance.

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