Test Equipment - WTS Test Set Series

WTS Test Set Series
WTS Test Set

The Walker WTS by Forester Solutions test set series is the standard of economical, high-quality units designed for optimal performance. They are lightweight, extremely durable, and loaded with special features.

  • TALK/RING/MONITOR switch conveniently located inside handgrip.
  • Switchable tone or pulse dialing, with switch located inside of handgrip.
  • High impedance monitor will not disturb data, conversations, or signaling.
  • Polarity indicator
  • Last number redial (31 digits maximum)
  • 10 number memory storage
  • Three position volume control for up to 12 dB gain
  • Protection against excessive voltage and transient ringer signals
  • Direct connection to most batteries and power supplies
  • Spring-loaded reversible belt clip
  • Cloth-covered cord equipped with securely anchored strain relief, modular RJ11X plug, and two five-way test clips.
  • Spade connector included
  • Moisture resistant
  • 2.5 mm headset jack compatible (order item # 45628-51)

Color: BlueWTS-501

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